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ARTS THREAD Member Q&A With Katie Stamford-Smith

Katie Stamford-Smith3

Following on from the success of New Designers 14, we talk to ARTS THREAD member Katie Stamford-Smith. Designing wall pieces and furniture by fusing creativity and precision, the Loughborough University graduate prides herself on creating contemporary structural designs. After exhibiting at New Designers 14 and London Design Festival, we talked to Katie on exhibiting, her studies and future plans.

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The University of Iowa, Ecosystem in the Design Processes

Six international art and design university departments created their own unique design environments for this year’s CONNECT design competition at SOFA, the contemporary art and design fair held in Chicago November 06-08 2014. ARTS THREAD takes a look and brings you the winning team!

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Arts Thread Holiday Shop at Urban Outfitters – Now Open!


We are delighted to announce that the Arts Thread Holiday Shop is now live online at Urban Outfitters – read on to discover more.

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Fashion Wardrobe 2014

Arts Thread - Fashion Wardrobe - NEVENKA BUZOV

The Zagreb-based Fashion Wardrobe is a showcase and competition of upcoming Croatian fashion talent. The 9th edition of Fashion Wardrobe took place November 06-08 2014, with exhibitions continuing this month. The competition, going under the name of Experimental Lab, was judged by a prestigious panel, including ARTS THREAD’s very own Alex Brownless.

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ARTS THREAD member Q&A with Diana Caune

Diana Caune

State University of Technology and Design Saint Petersburg graduate Diana Caune talks to ARTS THREAD about her inspirations, future prospects and some of the work featured in her ARTS THREAD portfolio. Read more:

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TDW14: School Asia Award Semi Grand Prix Winner Shizuoka Art University

Shizuoka 1

Taking home the Semi Grand Prix at the Asia Awards at Tokyo Designers Week (TDW) 2014 is the team from Shizuoka Art University Space & Architecture Department. Their winning installation entitled A Painting in Water Drop is inspired by nature. The team at the Shizuoka Art University Space & Architecture Department used droplets of water on a glass window to show how nature can create art. ARTS THREAD’s Yoshie Kawahara reports from the festival.

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TDW14: School Asia Award Semi Grand Prix Winner Tokyo University of Science

Tokyo 0

Tokyo University of Science took home a Semi Grand Prix Schools Prize at the Asia Awards at the recent Tokyo Designers Week 2014, for their installation n*D Scan Pavilion. Yoshie Kawahara reports for ARTS THREAD from the show.

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ARTS THREAD Members Q&A with Michael Bignell & Lewis Mellor

Arts Thread - Michael Bignell and Lewis Mellor Cover

Michael Bignell and Lewis Mellor are two advertising students from the University of South Wales: Newport. Combining their skill sets and eye for detail, the pair recently worked on a brief for ARTS THREAD on some new branding. From this, we asked Michael and Lewis to do further work on the ARTS THREAD ‘Thread’ idea they proposed and turned into into the map of the word which features on our home page. We caught up with the pair to talk about the ARTS THREAD project, as well as their personal work.

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TDW14: School Division Grand Prix Winners – Tama Art University Architecture

Tama 1

The top prize at the Asia Awards School Prize went the architecture team from Tama Art University, Tokyo. The project, led by teachers Satoshi Tabuchi and Akira Kishimoto, centres around the title theme ‘Appear, Disappear’ and consists of a unit where from certain angles people or objects can be seen, then when the eye moves, they are hidden. ARTS THREAD’s design writer Yoshie Kawahara reports from the festival.

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SELECTED: The Gerrit Rietveld Academie (GRA) Awards

Martin Kähler/Lyubov Martunina Weise

The winners and nominees of the annual Gerrit Rietveld Academie (GRA) Awards will present their graduate work at SELECTED, held at Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam from 13-30 November.

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