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David Longshaw 2-1

LFW: David Longshaw S/S 2011

David Longshaw S/S 2011

This year the BFC/Elle Talent Launch Pad has awarded young designer David Longshaw its prestigious award.

Graduating from Central St Martins in 2007, Longshaw has gone on to work for label Max Mara, and received a flurry of press and award nominations internationally. However, now he is focusing on his own label. After showcasing at last season’s Vauxhall Fashion Scout, Longshaw has gone on to showcase with a presentation at Somerset House this past season and at Paris Fashion Week with Vauxhall Fashion Scout again.

The new collection is inspired by a bunch of hoodies, bored during the summer, who break into a stately home. The hoodlums become distracted by costumes on display, so decide to play dress up and this is where the fun starts.

David Longshaw S/S 2011

There is a colour palette of vibrant and electric sky blues and crisp whites creating a selection of ruffled body hugging dresses, trousers with a drop crotch and high-waisted shorts.

Emphasis also lies in Longshaw’s stand out colourful prints of faces which adorn a dress with a 3-D gathered rose effect on the shoulder and another dress, sleeveless with zip front.

The collection also brags a wonderful collection of ruffled detail, statement necklaces, which come in electric blue and deep lavender, along with chunky beaded detailing.

The whole story is extremely fun and vibrant, and is sure to be an a-lister favourite, brightening up next summer no end.

David Longshaw
Vauxhall Fashion Scout