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Reconstruction 2.0: Parsons The New School for Design & Louis Vuitton

Born To Fly, Noeud, Odyssey, Reconstruction 2.0

For the second year Parsons The New School for Design has teamed up with Louis Vuitton; this year creating a live design competition in New York entitled “Reconstruction 2.0”.

“Reconstruction 2.0” is a live, real time design competition where students were to deconstruct pieces by Louise Vuitton’s artistic director and Parsons alumnus Marc Jacobs, to make new installations that showcase the wonderful heritage that is the Louis Vuitton brand.

Six teams of students were put together to work on these installation in real-time at the Louis Vuitton boutique in the trendy Soho area, Parsons The New School for Design on Fifth Avenue and also at the fashion building in Midtown. At the Soho store, students worked and created their ideas at work stations set up in store, allowing customers to see their work and creative process.

Each of the six groups had distinctly diverse and unique ideas on how to create their installation.

Group Work In Progress, Reconstruction 2.0

Born to Fly (Lizette Avineri, Paul Negron, Laurel Ann Schulz and Jordan Zeman) created a blanket resembling the idea of a girl traveling the world with a parachute, the result, a blanket created out of strips of the S/S 2010 collection, crocheted into flowers and doily shapes and collaged into a blanket.

Noeud (Marie-Clare Brush, Lea Kulapaditharom, Amelia Lindquist and Brian Suter-Maury) designed a wearable blanket formed from two parallel panels hung back to back. The back panel uses basketweave whereas the front uses a frenzy of knots to create a piece that drapes elegantly over the body.

Odyssey (Kate Bigelow, Alyssa Lesser, So Ryul Ryu and Sydney Seltzer) sought inspiration from Marc Jacob’s playful experiments with past Vuitton style and Droog Design’s iconic “You Can’t Lay Down Your Memories” chest of drawers, with the aim to reconstruct the present by deconstructing the past. Using these ideas, the group used Louis Vuitton’s classic construction and cutting-edge fashion and fused them together to create a blanket compiled of various styles of the brand over the years.

Ties That Bind, Via, Winner Time Travel, Reconstruction 2.0

Ties That Bind (Shilpa Iyengar, Dorenda Johnson, Hanh Lam and Stephanie Zhao) pays homage to Louis Vuitton’s craftsmanship and quality in luggage for their construction. The team constructed a wooden frame and cut strips from clothing and hand wove them onto the frame to showcase handwork as craftsmanship. The group also made stencils of different methods of travel (feet, carriages and planes) and used metallic spray paint to produced images on top of the creation.

Via (Claire Consani, Amy Conte, Paige Kettering and Erin Scheussler) used travel as their inspiration for their work. The idea of leaving a mark on ever-changing cities became the main theme. The group created a blanket that transforms into a bag, relating to the idea of a fast-paced society. The team used relief dyeing and photo transfers to literally show documentation of travel on the blanket/bag.

Over a champagne reception the panel of judges, including stylist Patricia Field, Style.com Executive Editor Nicole Phelps and LVMH Acting President Geoffroy Van Raemdonck selected the winning team Time Travel as the winners.

Details from Born To Fly, Winners, Time Travel & Odyssey, Reconstruction 2.0

Time Travel (Janelle Abbott, Zachary Clark, Emily Hudson and William Norris) created a blanket by arranging Vuitton clothing into three layers, organised by colours (blue and navies, reds and browns and blacks). The layers were connected together. A path was marked on the top layer and following the path, the layers were hand stitched together, once connected they cut into the top layers to reveal the layers hidden underneath.

There was an undeniable amount of hard work put into these projects by the hard-working groups, but it was Time Travel who won and were awarded with a trip to Paris to tour the Louis Vuitton Museum, workshop and the brand’s flagship Paris store.

Looking forward to seeing what is created next time!

Image credits: styled images courtesy Parsons The New School for Design, competition images courtesy Silja Magnusdottir.

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