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Golden Sun Movement Presents ‘ON’ at the Idea Generation Gallery

Golden Sun Movement Presents 'ON'

Music can be a huge influence on art and design, from the psychedelic 60′s through to the raves of house music in the 90′s and ‘ON’ exhibition demonstrates just that. Working under the collective of Golden Sun Movement, London based artists Luke Insect, Leo Zero and David Little have come together for their first exhibition to showcase their work at East London’s Idea Generation Gallery.

Arched Enemy, Luke Insect, Four Moons Of Babylon, Leo Zero, Acid City, David Little (2011)

It is not hard to see how heavily inspired by 60′s psych their work is, each piece is a true portrait to that movement. Over the past few decades the three artists have worked on high profile campaigns for Time Out, MTV and Nike. The exhibition will display both artist originals and back catalogue pieces of work.

Each artist has their own inspiration that influences them towards the overall psychedelic feel of their work. For Luke Insect it was the influence of his father’s records from the beatnik scene. Dave Little’s work developed from working with artists such as Paul Oakenfold and designing flyers for club nights such as The World,  whereas Leo Zero’s experiences at seminal clubs like Shoom, led him to create not only original work for flyers and sleeves but original music and remixes too!

The Time & Space Machine, Luke Insect (2010), Balearic Beats, David Little (1988)

Pieces such as The Time & Space Machine and Balearic Beats have an almost authentic 60 psych vibe to them, through the use of mixed media, bright colours and eye-bending perspectives. Some of their creations date back to the late 80s but they stand out just as much as their more recent companions. Although showcasing together, each artist’s unique perspectives of their running theme really shines through.

‘ON’ will display not only  the artists’ originals but also new work inspired by the converted warehouse space of the Idea Generation Gallery through the use of mixed media, made both collectively by the trio and also individually. This visually inspiring exhibition will be at the Idea Generation Gallery from April 20 to May 08 2011.

Golden Sun Movement

Idea Generation Gallery