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Laurence Dawes, Brunel University London

New Designers 2011: Digital Animation Part 1

Video Game Addiction from Reiss Cleal on Vimeo.

The Visual Communication department stood out with amazing and very inspiring project ideas. We were pleased to see how projects were the result of combining multiple aspects of digital design. The vast majority of the digital animation projects showed a clear understanding of the current issues and the amount of research and initial development was outstanding.

Reiss Cleal from Graphic Design at Havering College had a very well thought-through project: from the initial idea until the final solution. He was interested in 2D animation, so for his major project he decided to take this a step further and to combine elements of 3D animation with what he already knew. Reiss is also up-to-date with the current social issues, so the theme of his project was game addiction. All of this combined with his dedication ended up producing a fantastic animation - the music perfectly matched the theme and the script was precisely timed.

Reiss Cleal, Havering College - Graphic Design

Looking back, he states that there are ‘bits that he would like to change’, but overall he is very pleased with the final result. In the future, he would like to continue developing his 3D animation skills and to produce more refined movies.


Below from Laurence Dawes on Vimeo.

The Brunel University showcased excellent projects, one of them being Laurence Dawes’ animation. Laurence is a student passionate about 3D arts and wanted his major project to relate to current news, so his animation theme was newspaper sensationalism.

His video is based on alienation from society, having a single character obsessed with the news. ‘Upon hearing of swine flu he is convinced it will finally wipe out the human race and so descends into a bunker beneath his house where he stays for years, isolated and cut off from the world.’ The animation sends a very powerful message and makes us wonder: Is news actually keeping us away from reality?

Laurence Dawes, Brunel University London - Multimedia Design and Technology

Laurence impressed with the complexity of his project and the attention to detail. He wanted to make everything seem realistic, so he combined software packages, such as 3D Studio MAX, Photoshop, Zbrush and After Effects. Laurence is very passionate about his work and now is looking forward to get involved in this industry.

Reiss Cleal

Laurence Dawes