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Buster Palmano, Brunel University - InterContinental Hotels Group Award

New Designers 2011: Part 2 Winners

Lucinda Ireland, Nottingham Trent University - Hallmark Award

The second week of New Designers 2011 award winners include Lucinda Ireland from Nottingham Trent University who has won the Hallmark Award this year for her innovative typography designs. These emphasise the love of type by women through chocolate, ceramics and imagery that can be applied to interiors.

Lucinda’s work has been a personal response to a stereotypical comment made about the link of men with typography; this has pushed her to apply her creativity and passion into a vast variety of award-winning ideas ready to fit a modern lifestyle.

Luke Diaz, Bucks New University - Habitat Innovation Award

Luke Diaz from Bucks New University won the New Designers Habitat Innovation Award for his ecological furniture design made by only natural materials. Luke Diaz has integrated textiles within his designs by using hemp twine as joinery instead of glue, buttons and toggles with smooth finishings and organic styling.

Luke Newman, De Montford University - Sky Award

The winner of the New Designers Sky Award, Luke Newman from De Montford University has won his award for his Autonomous Retreat that explores a sustainable resort for the city dweller to escape to his living oak house.

Obtaining all its power from natural resources such as solar panels that supply hot water and electricity to the home, a filtered rain reservoir for clean drinking water and a compost toilet, Luke Newman’s design allows for a thought-provoking place to appreciate the luxurious lifestyles of the the Western world and our natural environment.

Brinley Clark, University of Hertfordshire - Virgin Atlantic Award for Graphic Design

Brinley Clark of the University of Hertfordshire won the Virgin Atlantic Award for Graphic Design for his playful and visually exciting observation work. He has created worked based upon ‘fakery’, searching across the nation for tanning salons and using their names to make up a map of the UK.

Ironically each shade of orange used within each district reflects the amount of salons there are within an area. A tongue in cheek humour is contained within his work that reflects his character; standing out amongst many as a fast forward glance at contemporary graphics. In particular his book ‘Shit or Miss’ – Brinley himself took to the streets in a canary yellow mac and sat outside, under trees, bridges and parks waiting for the moment for a bird to strike.

Neil Conley, Northumbria University Graduate - One Year On Award

Neil Conley from Northumbria University won the One Year On Award with his BP oil spill inspired snow globes. Neil created a series of globes to represent the damage caused in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. His aim was to produce a novel plastic gift, symbolic of ‘one of the oil industries many parasites’. Inside the globes are hand carved statues of the animals directly affected by the tragedy. Materials used are ‘luxurious’ and ‘tasteless’ in context and sales of the product benefit the region, with 18% assisting the clean up.

Martin Jordan, University of Huddersfield - Wilkinson Award for Product Design

The winner or this year’s Wilkinson’s Award is Martin Jordan of Huddersfield University, who has designed a product that makes hammering a danger-free DIY activity. Martin was inspired after researching the vast numbers of DIY incidents that occur. His product contains a nail loader, secure grip holder and impact pad that allows the consumer to use the product in 3 simple steps.

Suzie Button, UWE - 100% Design Award

The 100% Design Award goes to Suzie Button from the University of the West of England. Suzie is committed to sustainable design and finding a use for our ‘waste’ materials. This is shown in her winning furniture design, where she has used excess-to-production newspapers to construct her seating. She strengthens the paper in natural rubber latex in various colours, to show her playful yet practical design approach.

Oksana Akishyna, American InterContinental University - Interior Design Association Award for Spatial Design

Oksana Akishyna from the American InterContinental University takes this year’s Interior Design Association Award for Spatial Design for her Urban Music Hall. ‘Music is the universal language of the world’ – a fitting tagline for a project all about connecting people through music. Oskana aims to bridge the gaps in society, help children from deprived areas and mostly make classical music more accessible to all. Her design is as energetic as the music it was inspired by and includes performance spaces, including a roof top terrace as well as rehearsal areas and a cafe.

Steve Green, Arts University College Bournemouth - Virgin Atlantic Award for Product Design

Steve Green takes the Virgin Atlantic Award for Product Design for his indoor air pollution extraction unit, which he designed for the developing world. Steve was inspired by the current global issue of air pollution from cooking stoves which causes over a million deaths per year. His design solution is an extraction unit that can be easily mounted to a variety of roof tops. The product can be wind or solar powered and ‘incorporates an internal smoke sensor to self-trigger its operation.’

Buster Palmano, Brunel University - InterContinental Hotels Group Award

The Wing Fan by Buster Palmano and Tom Dixon wins the InterContinental Hotels Group Award. This project aims to show how ceiling fans can be a first choice for those who want to avoid the uncomfortable dry air that comes with an air conditioning unit. The Wing Fan operates ‘both silently and at half the speed of existing fans’ due to its newly adapted ‘twisted aerofoil shape’ that was inspired by bird wings. ‘At optimal speed the fan exceeds energy star airflow requirements by over 180%.’

Neil Conley
Suzie Button