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Graphic Designers 3

New Designers 2011: Graphic Design

The Type House Tea Set & Girls Like Type Too, Lucinda Ireland; Time & Time Again, Sophie Garwell

Visual Communication stood out predominately this year at New Designers. The imagination and dedication of the graphic designers presenting their work shines through to the viewer and grabs your attention. Here ARTS THREAD takes a look at a few of the delights on offer.

Graduate of Nottingham Trent University, Lucinda Ireland presents ‘Girls Like Type Too’. Lucinda’s promotional poster, that won her the New  Designers Hallmark Award this year, came from her idea to create something that reflected her obsession with typography as a girl, sparked from a poster that read “when typographers were men and women were grateful”. Her creation flows beautifully, conveying both the feminine side of the designer while still maintaining a cool design edge, reflective of her subject.

From Pot To Plot, Megan Williams, Time & Time Again, Sophie Garwell; Pet Shop, Ian Upcott

Fellow Nottingham Trent University graduate Sophie Garwell has created a feast of old books and maps screenprinted with the letter T. Her work was designed for the in-store display of an independent shop called Time & Time Again that sells reclaimed and recycled books and objects. Simple but effective, Sophie’s work really reflected the nature of the store.

Also showing from Nottingham Trent University was Ian Upcott. Ian, a recent winner of this year’s Best New Blood Awards at D&AD, presented Pet Shop. Using products found in-store at his local pet shop, he has created some imaginative pet-themed illustrations. His series of posters are designed to make you think more about the animals you used to see in a pet shop, compared to the empty cages you’d find in one today.

Dark Horse, Hannah Rossiter

BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate Hannah Rossiter from Plymouth College of Art exhibited an exploration of old English proverbs with a 21st century twist. Combining the old and the new, Hannah has created a series of outcomes for five well known proverbs. ‘Dark Horse’ shows the effect of scratched copper, very dramatic with its outcome demonstrating Hannah’s understanding of the true meaning of the proverb.


From Havering College comes graduate Richard Phillips. Richard’s work aimed to raise awareness and promote debate about various issues surrounding  today’s Capitalist society. His series of images individually represent a number of relevant statements that he found inspiring whilst studying the issue for his thesis. His work is very relevant to our present society and he has conveyed each statement creatively.

Image/Word/Sound, Dawn Gardner; We are the Product, Richard Phillips

Dawn Gardner, also from Havering College, displayed ‘Image/Word/Sound’ a series of visually inspiring images that explore the relationship between the three distinct fields. Dawn examines their ability to stir new multi-faceted narratives, provoking thought and further questioning. Like Richard Phillips, Dawn has drawn her inspiration from her thesis on Gestalt Psychology and her prints are the outcome of her explorations.

From Plot To Pot, Megan Williams

‘From Plot To Pot’ is the work of designer Megan William’s of Nottingham Trent University. Her branding design came from helping her dad market his own allotment goods. But the idea of branding the goods quickly turned into a business idea that would mean that anyone with an allotment could buy merchandising material to sell their goods with, to be a franchisee of ‘From Pot To Plot’. With this is mind, Megan’s design had to stay simple and neutral so that it didn’t clash with any other colours.


Displaying something slightly more unusual was Michail Vanis from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design with his work, ‘Acoustic Poetry’. His conceptual object allows deaf individuals to explore soundscapes in all types of situations. Through the use of the object, an individual can record and send an audio sample of the environment around them to a human interpreter who can listen to the audio recording and write back with a poetic description of the soundscape, which is then displayed on the object’s monitor.

Acoustic Poetry, Michail Vanis; Map Your City, Ruth Tullis

Such a beautifully unique take on improving an experience for a deaf individual and a great example of how technology can also be part of the concept, as well as something that helps towards a final outcome.

Ruth Tullis, a graduate from the same university, was researching New York when she came up with her design ‘Map Your City’. Noticing that a map should be a tool that connects you to a city rather than a way to navigate from A to B, Ruth decided to create a more personal map experience that links its user to a more memorable experience of a city. Her design, which enables the user to choose items of interest in a city then have this individual map printed and posted to them, adds a more personal touch to an object that has always been used as a practical tool rather than a link to an experience.

Each of these students have demonstrated the amazing graphic design talent that is on offer in the UK!

Richard Phillips
Michail Vanis
Ruth Tullis
Dawn Gardner
Megan Williams

Ian Upcott