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New Designers Best Stand Award 2011 and stand highlights

Winner New Designers Best Stand Award, Debut by Northumbria University


ARTS THREAD takes a look at the best stands and how the graduates at New Designers 2011 are showcasing their work. Firstly, the winner of the New Designers Best Stand Award is Northumbria University, Product Design and their concept Debut and it’s not hard to see why.

The students want to convey the start of their journey into the design world as debutants. The detail of their display is very polished, from the use of recycled materials, flat pack furniture and vinyl printed posters detailing each students work. Their stand really allows them the freedom to showcase their designs and engage the viewer into looking at them.

'Questions and Answers' by 3D Design, University of Brighton

The clever students of 3D Design, University of Brighton, came up with ‘Questions and Answers’, the idea of allocating each student a question to which their work was the answer. The minimal look of the display does not distract from the products and allows the visitor to focus more on the work.

3D Design Furniture & Product, Northumbria University; Best In Show' by Nottingham Trent University

A rather different take on presenting work came from Nottingham Trent and their concept ‘Best In Show’. With the use of artificial grass, rosettes, overhead speakers and an obstacle course that acts as display stands, this presentation has Crufts written all over it. The concept behind the theme is, of course, that their work is the best in the show – why not make a statement! Their presentation is very creative and also provides interactive online portfolios for students to showcase their work.

Richard Whittingham’s concept for the 3D Design Furniture & Product course for Northumbria University is designed to reflect the nature of the course. The images used in the background reflect the materials used within the products showcased. The white line on the ground leads visitors into the stand encouraging them to view more of what the university has on offer.

'Allsorts' by UCA Rochester Art & Animation


Another highlight is UCA Rochester’s Art & Animation display in the Visual Communication area. Their group idea is to convey how all students use the same technology but in a different way to create something unique and personal to them, this is demonstrated in their theme of ‘Allsorts’. Like the sweets, they all come from the same place but they’re all different. Their sponsorship from printers Diginate, provided them with large printed decals to stick to their boxes and allows them to keep their theme running throughout.

'Keep Calm and Stay Creative' by New College Nottingham

Bringing the best of British to their visitors is New College Nottingham and their showcase ‘Keep Calm And Stay Creative’, playing on the well known war-time slogan ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. The students have brought with them a live screen printing feature that encourages visitors to interact with the students and learn more about their work. This of course leads onto their promotional material that is screen printed and handed out in the form of white paper bags- very effective!

Images courtesy of Stacey Rivers.

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