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New Blood 2011: Graphic Design

Emma King, Sheffield Institute of Arts

The graphic design show at New Blood never fails to excite us! This year’s graduates showcased a strong mixture of book binding, branding, experimental typography and advertising campaigns.

Sheffield Institute of Arts graduate Emma King created a beautifully bound swatch book full of amazing typographic patterns. Through experimentation, Emma has turned six iconic typefaces (including Helvetica, Baskerville and Futura) into a series of ornate and complex textile prints.

Dave Raxworthy, Nottingham Trent University

Dave Raxworthy showed strong branding and packaging skills in his designs for The Hub, a York-based bike rescue centre. Dave designed and produced an entire range of packaging for the company’s own in-house products as well as all the promotional material. The bold, simple graphics and subdued colour scheme breaks away from the stereotypical ‘biker’ aesthetic, appearing more mature and sophisticated.

Rob Hetherington, Glasgow School of Art; Luxy Hutchinson, University of Leeds

Robert Hetherington experimented with mono printing, letterpress and digital manipulation in his book inspired by the ideas of writer Samuel Beckett. Named after Beckett’s play ‘Krapp’s Last Tape’, the book is full of strange compositions and amorphous shapes. Lucy Hutchinson created an abstract and illegible typeface which emphasises the way in which digital communication can cause messages to lose their true meanings.

Melanie Findlay, Edinburgh College of Art

Edinburgh College of Art graduate Melanie Findlay drew inspiration from the work of Gustav Klimt to create a series of decorative drop caps. The ornate typography truly encapsulates the opulence of Gustav’s work – particularly his ‘golden’ phase in the early 1900′s.

Matt Crowe, Lincoln School of Art and Design

We very much admired Matt Crowe for his blatant and shameless self promotion as displayed on the homepage for his website. We took a look at his online portfolio and found some great work including a mapping project inspired by the theory that if you turn to page 99 of a book, it will perfectly summarise the entire storyline.

Petros Afshar, Middlesex University

Petros Afshar showcased a brilliant poster campaign to advertise IE9′s latest innovative features. Each poster in the series illustrated one of the browser’s unique functions and employs the classic Internet Explorer colour scheme.

Julie Bryden, Duncan of Jordanstone, University of Dundee

We loved Julie Bryden’s unique book designs which draw inspiration from the world of dreams. We did worry a little about the kind of dreams she was having, though, particularly the one portrayed in this bizarre book with pop-out teeth!

Alex Auld, University of Westminster

Alex Auld designed a very elegant book titled ‘Trees’ which was full of historical information and folklore stories (or rather, treelore) about such specimens as the mighty English Oak. The text is accompanied by some absolutely stunning photography of tree cross-sections which shows the rings of the tree in remarkable detail.

Emma King
Dave Raxworthy
Robert Hetherington
Lucy Hutchinson
Melanie Findley
Petros Afshar
Julie Bryden
Alex Auld