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FENDI Anatomy, Samuel Weller and Imme van der Haak

LDF11: Fendi and The Royal College of Art

Kinetic Frenetic, Lola Lely

A new Fendi store opening on Sloane Street celebrated London Design Festival by inviting RCA Design Products students to create a series of window and in-store displays, which pay tribute to British design.

The displays aimed to signify the innovative uses of Fendi craftsmanship, incorporating cast-off materials along the way. British designer Simon Hasan, who has previously worked with Fendi and is an RCA graduate himself, guided the project.

Kinetic Frenetic – Craft and the Futurist Machine is a fun, playful installation by Lola Lely. Inspired by the Italian art movement ‘Futurism,’ Lola wanted to produce a piece that ‘celebrates the art of craft, the motion of industry, progress and the future, whilst respectfully acknowledging the past.’ The window display is enjoyable to stop and watch, taking in the detail, as the Kinetic machine runs on cogs and pulleys, scrap metal and leather cut-offs.

Starting with a Blank Canvas, Meret Probst

Starting with a Blank Canvas is a vibrant, eye catching window display by designer Meret Probst. Inspired by the coloured leather of Fendi, the canvas starts out blank, then drips of coloured dye have been slowly released from hanging domes. These run down the canvas and onto a selection of bags, transforming its original beauty into a ‘decorative and ever-changing picture.’

The Anatomy of Fendi, Samuel Weller and Imme van der Haak

In store, a beautifully authentic display of Victorian glass bell jars by Samuel Weller and Imme van der Haak resides on the lower floor. The duo have taken the partially concealed and silhouetted element of Fendi’s designs and created The Anatomy of Fendi, an exciting voyeuristic peek at the construction and unseen detail that goes into the handbags. The designers have deconstructed the Fendi bag and displayed them as sculptural pieces; fitting so naturally amongst the shops displays and yet telling a story of their own, these bell jars are a favoured piece.

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