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RMIT Absorb & Reflect Graphic Design Diploma Graduate Show

RMIT - Absorb & Reflect Graphic Design Diploma Graduate Show

The thirty-plus degree Melbourne weather did not deter revelers from joining the celebration at RMIT’s Graphic Design Diploma graduate show, Absorb and Reflect.

The work on show was of an extremely high standard, ensuring that all students will enter this competitive industry armed with a creative, yet commercial eye and a professional portfolio. All areas of business, from corporate reports to board games, product packaging and stationery suites were represented.

Projects for several companies such as Smiggle, Fuji Xerox and Océ appeared in most students’ portfolios. Whilst all students received the same brief, their responses to the briefs were diverse and it was apparent they had all developed their own unique handwriting by the end of the course.

Students worked with the Smiggle design team to produce product illustrations that were shortlisted and commercially produced. Fuji Xerox held a competition that required students to specify spot varnish, which needed to be taken into consideration when designing and presenting their work. Océ’s brief was to design a decal for a commercial printer.

Manell Saad/ Haley Turner

It was great to see projects that focused on local events featured in many portfolios. Manell Saad’s Melbourne Writers Festival poster drew inspiration from antiquarian books with worn leather covers, whilst Haley Turner’s tropical-bright St Kilda Film Festival poster featured the iconic St Kilda Beach palms, coupled with a director’s chair and film camera, with a slightly 80s-vintage-poster feel.

Mariko Itabashi/ Manderlee Anstice

The diverse assortment of board games presented by students was also intriguing, some of which were very tongue-in-cheek, such as Jacinda Anderson’s Prom Queen, whilst others were cute, such as Mariko Itabashi’s ‘The Dressing Room’ board game. Others looked to nostalgia and tradition, such as Manderlee Anstice’s ‘Gebäube’ hand-made wooden board game.

Denis Bainbridge/ Hayley Goghlan

When asked “Why RMIT Graphic Design?” graduate student Denis Bainbridge says, “I’ve always wanted to be one of the lucky souls who wakes up with the pleasure of knowing that their past-time is their passion. For me, RMIT Diploma of Graphic Design is the conduit to this eventuating.”

Hayley Goghlan has enjoyed the specific briefs that the course has offered: “The idea of designing for a set purpose is what drives me. It’s challenging to produce original and memorable art within the constraints of a precise need. RMIT Diploma of Graphic Design offered the exact training and experience I sought.”

To see the work of all the graduates, visit the Absorb & Reflect Website.