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Alvaro Gonzalez; Julia Thomas

RCA Work in Progress exhibition 2012, Fashion Womenswear

Trine Hav Christensen; Xiao Li

The Work in Progress exhibition is an annual window on the emerging talent currently studying on the prestigious postgraduate courses run by the UK’s Royal College of Art. Examples of work from all of the current fashion and textiles students were displayed from January 11-18 2012, in a free, exciting and inspiring show. In this first post, ARTS THREAD chooses some highlights from the womenswear fashion students.

Dramatic statements and a general air of exuberance emerged strongly as an overall trend. The global economic crisis grinds on, but the exhibition revealed an optimistic and even extravagant view of the future of fashion.

Second year fashion womenswear student Trine Hav Christensen’s work was a great example of this flamboyant flavour, with bright floral prints, lace, metallics and applied kitsch fake flowers all in her mix. Knitwear specialist Xiao Li’s bright, boldly patterned jacket stood out, as did Rebecca Thomson’s extravagant fur and leather jacket evoking rock star excess.

Rebecca Thomson; Shubham Jain; Rajinder Johal

Radical statements included Rajinder Johal’s astonishing dress – a work of precision engineering – his delicate, sleek black column dress features a ‘peeled back’ metal panel. Fellow second year student Shubham Jain also made an impact with a dramatic, vibrant citrus yellow jersey dress graduating in tone through to dark green.

Camilla Woodman; Lorren Johnson

Knitwear specialist Camilla Woodman’s covetable, ornate jacquard-patterned dress was adorned with fringed decoration; while in contrast, Lorren Johnson’s exhibit mixed a sci-fi vibe with sporty elements.

Alvaro Gonzalez; Julia Thomas

Alvaro Gonzalez’s footwear was stunningly fresh and sexy with delicate wisps of organza sculpted around the form of the foot. Also noteworthy was Julia Thomas’s architectural approach, seen in her chunky, carved leather shoe. Kyle Spires’ also caught our eye with an armour-like jacket that was deceptively lightweight and delicate.

Kyle Spires; Matt Hui

Finally, exciting first year knitwear specialists included Matt Hui who showed interesting experimental shapes and Heewon Park, whose exhibit was a tour-de-force of texture.

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