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Send To Print/ Print To Send, The Aram Gallery

Send to Print/Print to Send/ Riccardo Bovo, Flock Lampshade/ Chaur Har Lee, Rapidform Shoe

Send to Print/ Print to Send at The Aram Gallery gives visitors a glimpse into how 3D printing is revolutionising contemporary design.

Whether it be for furniture, architectural prototypes or even for accessories, designers are adapting their design processes to accommodate this new technological innovation.

‘Flock Lampshade is the result of a Design Fabrication MicroSystem,’ explains Riccardo Bovo who has created a system in which users can customise a design for an open source printer to produce.

‘The design is constantly redefined in shape by the user with the system and at any moment is ready for production. The time between design phase and production phase therefore drops to zero.’

Chaur Har Lee’s collection of conceptual footwear was one of our favourites in the exhibition. The award winning designer, who has been designing and making shoes for over a decade explains: ‘I often employ a crossover of making and manufacturing processes from fields other than shoemaking in order to realise my concepts. This gives me much scope for creativity in the design stage.’

Sam Jacob, Versioned Chairs

Sam Jacob’s Versioned Chairs explore ‘five canonical chairs through acts of translation’. Sam begins with a photograph of the original chair which he then describes to a group of people who mus then draw what they imagine the chair to look like. Each sketch is then digitally modelled and turned into a 3D form.

Sam says of his project: ‘Versioned Chairs exploits the limitations of different media, it moves from photograph to text to sketch and back to 3D, their misreadings and mistranslations often entirely unrecognisable from their original course.’

Chloë McCormick and Nicholas O'Donnell-Hoare, Tapestry Spectacle/ Michael Eden, Large Yellow Oval Bloom

Chloë McCormick and Nicholas O’Donnell-Hoare combine traditional tapestry weaving techniques with 3D printing to produce customisable glasses. The frames are printed with small holes which the owner can then thread wool through to produce their own design.

Large Yellow Oval Bloom by Michael Eden is a contemporary re-imagining of a classic Wedgewood tureen. By employing new 3D printing technology, Michael can manipulate the surface in a way which would not be possible using traditional methods. The garish yellow finish gives the piece a radioactive glow.

Send to Print/ Print to Send is on until 25 February 2012 at The Aram Gallery, 110 Drury Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5SG