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Arts Thread Portfolio Spotlight: Lital Gold

Lital Gold

ARTS THREAD introduce you to Lital Gold, a Philadelphia-based textile designer and illustrator from Israel. Lital graduated from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design where she specialised in print design. Since graduating she’s worked full-time as a freelance textile and surface designer. Her work is heavily influenced by the natural world and the fashion industry.

Lital answers a few questions so you can learn more about her incredible work.

AT: When did you first become interested in Illustration?
LG: I have always loved it. It has always been easier for me to draw more than to talk. I feel like I can express myself and be authentic when drawing. Color has always made me feel more comfortable and confident. As a kid I used to watch my father draw and would feel very inspired

AT: What sort of subject matter do you enjoy illustrating the most?
LG: Anything that is colorful and free. I love to draw feminine figures, mostly because it’s related to fashion and then I can use the textile texture inside. I also love drawing anything that comes from nature.

Lital Gold

AT: Is there a specific method you use to create your final images?
LG: All my works are hand made, using ink, pen and water colors. Sometimes, as a final touch they are computerized and digitally edited.

AT: Which artists or creatives inspire you?
LG: At the moment I get inspired by street artists such as ‘Know Hope’ and Bruno 9LI. Gustav Klimt is one of my favorite artists. In general most of my inspiration comes from the street and people.

Lital Gold

AT: What are you currently working on?
LG: I am currently working on a new project that includes a series of silk printed illustrations that mainly talk about how much I miss my home. I’m also about to present my work in an Israeli gallery in Jaffa and just started working on a new illustrated book.

AT: What are your plans for the future?
LG: Keep smiling, imagining and doing what I love the most – make art!

Lital Gold’s ARTS THREAD portfolio.