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Landfill Editions

Pick Me Up: Landfill Editions

Landfill Editions

With a selection of textiles, drawings, paintings, ceramics and prints, Landfill Editions once again showcase their work at Pick Me Up, which is back at Somerset House this year.

Landfill Editions are a collection of independent publishers and artists, the work being showcased at Pick Me Up is by Raphael Garnier, Viktor Hachmang, Thomas Sewell, Colin Henderson and Hannah Waldron to name a few. The simplicity of their section of the exhibit won me over with the artwork and textiles minimally displayed on the surrounding white walls, in the centre of their collection is a table that showcased a selection of printed ceramic plates as well as a printed tablecloth – something that made their section stand out as it gave that quirky twist that caught people’s attention.

Their collection for this years exhibition is titled ‘Lots of Pictures – Lots of Fun’ and is inspired by the 1971 silkscreen print (sharing the same title as the collection) created by Eduardo Paolozzi, the artists of Landfill Editions have created pieces to echo the same elements of Paolozzi’s “visual maximalism, disorienting juxtapositions and oblique political commentary.”

Landfill Editions

On reflection to the work that Landfill Editions created – you can see the link between their work and the inspiration of Paolozzi, their pieces are bright and vibrant, with a fun element as well as creating that eccentric persona within their artwork, something that Eduardo Paolozzi also created when producing his silkscreen print.

Pick Me Up runs from March 22nd to April 1st at Somerset House, London. For more information on the fair and to book tickets please visit Pick Me Up

Landfill Editions

Image credits: photography Kara Stanton