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Wheel of Nutrition, HAF; Phobophobia

Preview: DesignMarch 2012, Reykjavik

Cutting tool & rye bread cakes inspired by writer Þórbergur Þórðarson, Designers and Farmers

ARTS THREAD takes a look at the exhibitions and events coming up at DesignMarch, Reykjavik from March 22- 25 2012.

We like the idea of the Designers and Farmers project, due to be shown at Spark Design Space. The project’s focus is to develop regional foods and comes from a collaboration between the Product Design course at the Iceland Academy of the Arts and the Icelandic farming community.

Starting in 2008, the project developed one product per year involving professional designers, chefs, food scientists as well as students. By the time of the project’s completion in 2011, eleven farms all around the country had collaborated in some way and four of these farms took part in fully developing and launching the products onto the market.

The four products are Brittle (Rabbabarakaramela) from Langamýri á Skeiðum, the Haggis torte (Sláturterta) from Möðrudalur á fjöllum, Skyrkonfekt from the dairy farm Erpsstaðir and finally a new menu for the restaurant at Hali í Suðursveit in the eccentric spirit of Icelandic writer Þórbergur Þórðarson who was born at Hali.

Braid, Reykjavík Art Museum; Rolling Stones, Tinna Gunnarsdóttir

We are intrigued by the exhibition entitled Braid at the Reykjavík Art Museum organised by the Icelandic Textile Guild and the Icelandic Association of Ceramic Artists. Twelve projects will showcase braid ideas to create new exciting products.

New works by product designer Tinna Gunnarsdóttir will be on show at the National Gallery of Iceland. Tinna’s work reduces natural silhouettes of flowers, leaves etc to sophisticated contemporary forms for rugs, lighting, furniture, tablelinen and more.

Roots, Hafnarborg Museum; Norðaustan 10

The exhibition Roots opens at the Hafnarborg Museum on March 10 and focuses on contemporary jewellery design and the various ‘roots’ goldsmiths and jewellery designers look to for material, ideas and inspiration. Materials range from precious metals and jewels to natural ones such as wood and moss.

A group exhibition by 32 designers from the Association of Icelandic Product and Industrial Designers promises to include a sword, a cloud, a beam, a block, a jar and a slice of ice cream! Another product design exhibition features work from the North and East of Iceland created as part of the Norðaustan 10 project in which designers worked alongside local companies.

Gorgeous Gowns, The National Museum of Iceland; The Journey a/w 12/13, Mundi

The fashion designer Mundi, currently showing in Paris, will present a unique version of the autumn/winter 12/13 collection The Journey in the Rauðhólar (red hills), a cluster of volcanic pseudocraters in the Elliðaárhraun lava fields on the outskirts of Reykjavík. Staying with fashion, the National Museum of Iceland presents Gorgeous Gowns, a selection of Icelandic dresses from around 1947-1970, as Couture or made-to-measure pieces.

Wheel of Nutrition, HAF; Phobophobia

At Bíó Paradís can be found Phobophobia, a combined showcase of the work of 34 illustrators working under the theme of hidden illustrations from around the home.

The designer Hafsteinn Juliusson, working under the label HAF, has designed with Rui Pereira the Wheel of Nutrition ceramic plate that comes in three versions: Diet, Extra-ordinary and Supersize and is decorated with explanatory graphics and distinctive colours. For DesignMarch, HAF present the Aperativo version! At design store Kraum, look out for re-designs of the classic Icelandic pancake pan, produced in Iceland by Málmsteypan Hella since the 1950s.

For full details on dates and opening times for DesignMarch, Reykjavik, March 22-25 2012.

Designers and Farmers at Spark Design Space
Braid at Reykjavík Art Museum
Tinna Gunnarsdóttir
Roots at Hafnarborg Museum
Association of Icelandic Product and Industrial Designers