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imm Cologne 2014: HFT Stuttgart

Above: Twisted, Moike Eisenhardt& Anna-Lena Fischer

At imm Cologne this month ARTS THREAD was intrigued by the display by HFT Stuttgart, whose 15 interior architect students had risen to the challenge to create a storage solution using low-cost or recyclable materials.

Twisted by Moike Eisenhardt and Anna-Lena Fischer is composed of L-shaped concrete shelves that fit on top of one another to form a 160cm high folded concrete ribbon. Set in-between the shelves are rectangular lockers made of copper to create a decorative and functional storage space that also acts as a screen divider.

Flis, Sarah M S Siedel & Paul Piper /  Möbelsport, Cinja Schmied & Michael Herzog-arts-thread Flis, Sarah M S Siedel & Paul Piper / Membrana, Anselm Büchler & Benjamin Dietz / Möbelsport, Cinja Schmied & Michael Herzog


The Flis series by Sarah M S Siedel and Paul Piper has been designed as a modular system composing two cupboards, a wardrobe, a bookcase and a sideboard that can be placed in any order along a six metre long wall. The pieces make use of low-cost materials, such as the simple white and blue tiles shown on the cupboard pictured above.

Möbelsport by Cinja Schmied and Michael Herzog is designed to give storage space for different sports, taken from a sports lifestyle – so wall bars become hanging space, the bench seating is functional in style and the materials sports-inspired.

Membrana by Anselm Büchler and Benjamin Dietz stands over 2 metes high and over a metre wide is a storage system using bright green semi-transparent stretch mesh across the ends to form a cocoon-like effect around the piece of furniture. Some items can be hidden at the sides and others displayed in the centre of the shelf.

Schuhregal, Hanna Schnürer & Kristin Steimei / STICK IT#, Anne Kräuter & Ilaria Guglielmetti Schuhregal, Hanna Schnürer & Kristin Steimei / STICK IT#, Anne Kräuter & Ilaria Guglielmetti


STICK IT# by Anne Kräuter and Ilaria Guglielmetti is a shelving system made from aluminium that forms spaces of 60cm x 30cm between the grids to create an overall space of 270cm x 192cm. Cardboard boxes can be arranged inside the grids to show contents on the outside or tuned around to hide them.

Schuhregal (shoe shelf) by Hanna Schnürer and Kristin Steimei is a 40cm x 35 cm tower for stacking shoes that can be made from lacquered or galvanised metal and uses to decorative effect the sharp folds that can be created in the material. The 184cm tower is further enhanced by contrast-colour traditional cross-stitching across the joins. The tower is lightweight and holds up to 18 pairs of shoes.

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