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Annika Frye Brita Jaichner

Imm Cologne 2014: In process

Above: Annika Frye / Brita Jaichner

The narrative and construction behind product design is brought to the fore at In Process, an exhibition by the Offenbach University of Art and Design in the D3 Schools section of imm Cologne this week.

Annika Frye is exhibiting her DIY pendant light mold CLAUDE. Made from coloured polymer plaster, the mold is filled with plaster than rotated. When the plaster has set, the hollow shape is cut open to form the lampshade. Fellow lighting designer Brita Jaichner is showing the Herder Light Collage. The light features several lamp shades that emit different coloured lights, temperatures and intensities to showcase the diverse nature of lighting design.

CoBot, Marc Schönmann / SOUNDtextil, Lilian Dedio CoBot, Marc Schönmann / Sound Textile, Lilian Dedio


Marc Schönmann’s CoBot is a 3D printer. ‘The number of built-in components is radically reduced to make it more simple and clear. Using lightweight aluminium parts of IGUS and ITEM a durable and long-living product is created that requires low maintenance. The design consists of a unique Z-axis and an immobile heatbed to achieve a smaller housing size and a good print quality.’ See CoBot in action on ARTS THREAD video.

The sound installation Sound textile by Lilian Dedio uses the properties of two, interconnected materials. Metal is conductive and has a ferromagnetic characteristic. Textile has qualities such as lightness and mobility and serves as a membrane that is moved by the metal wire. Firmly connected the two materials can interact and react. If you feed an audio signal to the integrated wire, the material is able to convert this information into sound waves, which is perceived as noise in our ear.

Jacob Gresch/ Karl Becker Jacob Gresch/ Karl Becker


Jakob Gresch and Karl Becker are both showing hyper minimal pieces. Jakob’s Skim Shelf is a lightweight piece made from bended wood and Karl’s Chop Chop is a simple wood and corian chopping board. Made with titled edges, the designer claims the shape simplifies the cutting process and the materials improve hygiene.

Markus Mau / Martin Hirth Markus Mau / Martin Hirth


Markus Mau is showing 2000 AC is a chef’s knife made of wood and modified with liquid glass and Martin Hirth is displaying his Curtain cabinet, a cabinet that uses draped fabric instead of traditional wooden doors to conceal the clothes within.

The Offenbach University of Art and Design joins 23 other design schools at this year’s imm Cologne. Learn more about what’s happening at this year’s event by reading our Passagen 2014 preview.

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