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ICFF14 – MetaProject, Rochester Institute of Technology RIT

At this year’s ICFF, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) students under the tutelage of Professor Josh Owen along with award-winning manufacturer Herman Miller will showcase their Metaproject which aim to enhance relationships within the workplace.

The students analysed the evolution of work and working relationships, exploring how space and furnishings can empower and enable interaction and communication. The projects themselves focus on three relationship archetypes: Face-To-Face, Digitally Mediated and Human-to-Tools.

The Signpost Hub, Ramsey Haefner & Personal Space Bar, Kat Given The Signpost Hub, Ramsey Haefner / Personal Space Bar, Kat Given


Kat Given created the Personal Space Bar, a multi-functional piece that provides space for face-to-face meetings and private moments of solitude. The desk is just above bar height, allowing for face-to-face meetings. Beneath the desk is a cushioned interior, where workers can tuck away to work in peace.

The Signpost Hub by Ramsey Haefner is a central gathering place for people, influenced by the transitional moments within an office. The idea of a central point allows people to converse and bond therefore creating a friendlier working environment. Ramsey hopes the Hub will not only influence relationships but also provide workers with a break during their day.

The Kitchen Wall Desk, Joe Colleran & Discretion Bar, Gion Santaguida The Kitchen Wall Desk, Joe Colleran / Discretion Bar, Gina Santaguida


The Kitchen Wall Desk by Joe Colleran is inspired by kitchen layouts. The wall-mounted piece is a bar height desk when open, and acts as a chalkboard when closed. When open. Within the structure there are a variety of different compartments that hold everyday electronic items such as laptops, phones and tablets. Power sources are embedded within the unit meaning that the users are able to charge and store their objects in one central place.

Gino Santaguida’s Discretion Barrier provides total isolation whilst acting as a physical division for optimum privacy. The frame itself acts as a coat rack, providing additional layers of privacy for the user.

2D/3D Modular Display System, Oscar Rodriguez & Snack Station, Tony Ham 2D/3D Modular Display System, Oscar Rodriguez / Snack Station, Tony Han


Most forms of display are designed for 2D presentations or 3D options, not both. To address this, Oscar Rodriguez created the 2D/3D Modular Display System. The piece is also mobile so can be used in a variety of locations such as meeting rooms and has several modular compartments that can be altered to suite any presentation style.

Tony Han’s Snack Station is a piece that aims to facilitate collaboration and build relationships within the workspace. The station provides numerous surfaces to store healthy snacks for workers and colleagues whilst acting as a central hub within the office for conversation and team building.

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) takes place May 17 – 20 at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. For more coverage of ICFF, follow the ICFF thread on the ARTS THREAD blog.